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Sex Toys In Delhi: It is indeed interesting to know why sex toys in Delhi have a deep significance with Kamasutra. The word, “Kamasutra” came from Sanskrit, where ‘Kama’ means desire and ‘Sutra’ means thread. When these two words amalgamate, it gives rise to a whole new concept of higher love.

Kamasutra – A Sensual Bond with India

India has been called The Land of Kamasutra, and do you know why? It is a country where this famous book was written by this name (Kama Sutra) and gained popularity all over the world. Since then, our country relates to this name whenever the unification of souls is being talked about. Well, Kamasutrasextoy is an online adult toy shop based in Delhi, and here lies the sensual connection.

What does Kamasutrasextoy Aim at?

Kamasutrasextoy has been aimed at selling sex toys in India for men, women, and even couples. The products sold here are all clinically tested and most importantly, these are meant to ensure sexual wellness among every gender throughout Delhi and India.
This online adult toy shop has been offering flexible services throughout the country with amazing products of high quality and sensational variety as well.

The Major Cities in India Where We Stepped In

Kamasutrasextoy feels proud to make a breakthrough in big cities all over India. Here is the following list of cities where we have got good responses:

Buy sex toys in Delhi

Delhi is the major city where we started and built our foundation. We have been fortunate to come across customers covering almost all genders coming from various corners of the city. The orders relating to masturbators and vibrators for both men and women were mostly high right from the beginning. We even got order requests from the neighboring places like Gurgaon, Noida, Meerut, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad.
For our buyers in Delhi(who want to buy sex toys in Delhi) I, we have reserved the Cash on Delivery facility. For availing this payment mode, the order would be delivered on the same day.

Buy sex toys in Kolkata

Kolkata has been surprising us since the time we started our services. As per reports from our sales executives, 58% of males aged between 25 and 38 had shown interest in trying new masturbators. Even 43% of women between 30s and 40s sounded enthusiastic towards buying solo toys, especially bullet and rabbit vibrators. Orders for vibrating panties were also notable from couples in the City of Joy.
Like Delhi, we have Cash on Delivery services in Kolkata. The delivery time also in this case is on the same day of placing the order.

Buy sex toys in Mumbai

Kamasutrasextoy has also made its way to Mumbai, one of India’s busiest and bustling cities. Surprisingly, the demand for fun vibrators was recorded to be quite high among female sex toys. On the other hand, 44% of men were keen to bring home silicone dolls while 41% went for cock rings.
Apart from Mumbai, we got bulk orders from neighboring cities like Nagpur, Pune, Thane, Aurangabad, and Pimpri. In the coming days, we are expecting to reach out to more locations throughout Maharashtra.

Buy sex toys in Chennai

Chennai has been one of the prime locations that brought us a massive chain of customers. Here the percentage of married men looking for sex dolls and a big artificial vagina was quite high. Girls between 27 and 32 expressed a major interest in buying glass dildos and pussy pumps. Strap-on was also among the highest selling sex toys for couples.
Among the other nearby cities, there were Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, and Coimbatore where we have got order requests for diverse adult products.

Buy sex toys in Bangalore

The need for using sex toys in Bangalore has mostly been prominent among men and women for quite some years. Our reports said that vibrating dildos and pussy pumps were sold in big numbers for women while sex dolls and male strokers for men witnessed an impressive rise.
From these figures, it is certain that Bangalore will continue to bring us fine responses in the coming years. With time, we would aim to reach the remotest corners of this city.

Which Sex Toys Can I Buy at Kamasutrasextoy?

Nothing beats the convenience of shopping from an online sex toy store, and Kamasutrasextoy is no exception. Be it the shopping procedure, payment methods, or order delivery, this online adult toy shop will assure a very easy-going experience for its buyers.  
Kamasutrasextoy has various categories and subcategories through which one would be able to shop for their desired adult sex toys in Delhi. So, let’s take a detailed look at what Kamasutrasextoy has to offer:


Female Sex Toys

Women would find here different types of female sex toys in Delhi. Hence, Kamasutrasextoy has divided this main category into three more sections that comprise toys, accessories, and needy stuff for girls.

Sex Toys for Girls: Here one will come across only female sex toys in Delhi. For example, there will be a wide range of vibrators and non-vibrators, glass dildos, electro sex toys, sex machines, and more.

Accessories for Girls: Under this segment, women will find several erotic accessories. For instance, there will be a steel ring, silicone breast prosthesis, vibrating panty, and whatnot.

Needs for Girls: This section would bring girls needy sex toys in Delhi for females like breast enlargement cream, artificial hymen, pussy pump, etc.


Male Sex Toy

As the category clearly says, one would be able to shop for male sex toys in Delhi and numerous needy products as well. Take a look at the further classifications:

Sex Toys for Boys: Men here would find it easier to shop for various types of sex toys. For instance, one would find here big artificial vagina, silicone dolls, male masturbation toys, and more such exciting stuff among the male sex toys in Delhi.

Needs for Boys: Men have a diverse sexual need to meet. So, this section will bring them products like an enlargement device, boys sex kit, cock ring, penis extender sleeve, and what not.

Couple Sex Toys

Those partners who wish to try new experiments on the bed will find some great couple sex toys in Delhi. So, here one would find strap-on with harness and vibrators, anal beads, anal dildos, butt plugs, toy cleaners, and more.
All these couple toys in Delhi are safe to use and quite user-friendly. These adult sex toys in Delhi are also quite effective in making partners unite with passion.

Party Sex Toys

The ‘Party’ category unlocks BDSM toys and accessories like a leather whip, chastity lock, mouth ball gag, sex swing, and the likes.
Besides, there are pheromone sprays for all genders. These adult sprays are formulated to create sexual feelings within the user for his/her partner. Also, there are cigarette lighters and scented candles among the party sex toys in Delhi that are not to be missed.

Herbal Sex Products

Under the herbal sex toys, there will be desensitizers from which men will take pleasure in stretching their time of intercourse. Besides, there will be lubricants, Thai herbal massage oil, and arousal gels.
Also, the sex drops, vaginal tightening stick and coffee sexual enhancers are not to be missed. Each and every herbal product here is quite good for one’s sexual health.

Long Distance Sex Toys

This special category includes an incredible gadget that makes lovemaking possible from a long distance.  It is nothing but an app-based bullet vibrator that also needs Bluetooth support.
Once the application is installed on the user’s smartphone, he would be able to connect her partner who stays on the other side.

Our Top Selling Products at Kamasutrasextoy

The 21st century has been quite lucrative for Kamasutra Sex Toy. Customers from far and wide have shown keen interest in ordering various adult toys and accessories from here. Considering such facts, here are a few trendsetting toys that would be worth ordering.



Couples have really loved using a strap-on. This has been quite evident from the calling records at Kamasutra Sex Toy. Although it has been primarily serving lesbians, plenty of couples prefer using a strap-on for doubling the fun.
Out of all, some of the products that are worth mentioning include the Super Strapless Dildo Vibration and the Ultra Hollow Strap On Dildo Vibrating.


Realistic Vibrator

Kamasutrasextoy brings another good reason to make girls happy with their sex life. Yes, it is a realistic vibrator that resembles the male penis. It vibrates and promises women a super satisfactory orgasm.
Crystal Realistic Vibrator and Mr. Dong Realistic Vibrator are some of the recommended picks in this respect.


Male Masturbator

Men love masturbating and Kamasutra Sex Toy is well aware of this. Therefore, it has brought some incredible male masturbating gadgets that would give men real bliss during masturbation. Having made of top-quality silicone, the lifelike vagina will make men excited to stroke hard just like a man does to a woman.
Some of the products here for consideration are the Pussy in Can, Spider Sower masturbator, and Pocket Pussy.

Pussy pump

Pussy pumps have been soothing women for years. These pumps let the female genitals respond to sexual calls. Here the vacuum covering the clitoris is utilized in order to give women an increasing desire for some wild encounters in bed.  
The Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-Vibrator is a wonderful pick to give women the ultimate pleasure.


Rabbit Vibrator

Kamasutra Sex Toy has a smart collection of vibrating dildos, and the rabbit vibrator is definitely one of them. Superior in quality, it is quite user-friendly and designed to let women enjoy solos like anything.
If you are really keen to shop for rabbit vibrators at Kamasutra Sex Toy, go for the Mini Rabbit Vibrator and the Passion Wave Jack Rabbit Vibrator. Among many models, these are some of the most popular ones.


Penis Extender Sleeve

Among the top-selling sex toys for men, Kamasutrasextoy.in has the penis extender sleeve. Well, a lot of men have found these helpful.
Some great picks at Kamasutra Sex Toy are the Sweet Cage Vibrating Penis Sleeve and the Choco Sleeve.


App Control Vibrator

If couples have been looking for something innovative here at Kamasutrasextoy, it has to be the app control vibrator. These devices work on the basis of a smartphone application and Bluetooth as well. The objective of this vibrator is to let couples enjoy teasing others from long distances.
Although there are several models available at Kamasutra Sex Toy, there are some that deserve mention. Some of them are the Irena I Smartphone Controlled Vibrator and Lush 2 Remote Control Vibrator.


Silicone Sex Doll

Men will now have so much fun in heightening their erotic love. The sexy dolls here at Kamasutra Sex Toy are extremely lifelike and amazingly hot and sexy.
Some of the silicone dolls that deserve mention are the Double Doll, Full Body Real Silicone Doll, and Fashion Girls USA.


Cock Ring

Ask any man about a cock ring and he would grab it at an instant. These are mini-size penis rings that induce a sexual urge in men to keep their penis hard and straight.
Some smart recommendations are the Esschert Design Cock Ring, Dolphin Cock Ring Vibrator, and the Pleasure Tongue Cock Ring.


Bullet Vibrator

If you have heard about double penetration, you must try our bullet vibrators. These are quite popular among female sex toys in Delhi. Kamasutrasextoy preserves a brilliant range that is worth browsing.
Some which deserve mention are the Naughty Mouse, Strong Double Bullet Vibrator, and the Remote Control Vibrating Egg.

Shop Happily and Pay Safely at Kamasutrasextoy

While one is heading to shop for mature sex toys in Delhi at Kamasutrasextoy.in, he or she will be left with a very nice experience. The payment methods here are quite flexible and the delivery here is also made discreetly.

The following payment methods can be availed to shop from Kamasutrasextoy.in:

Cash on Delivery

The most convenient payment scheme for buyers doing online shopping is Cash on Delivery. Kamasutra preserves this facility for everyone in Delhi. In this case, the delivery is done on the same day to the customer. So buy sex toys in Delhi and get your adult products within 24 hours.
This mode of payment ensures the highest standard of safety and assures to bring no hassles for the customer. For this, one can proceed to order through the website and opt for it.
Give us a call and talk to our Sales Executives who are always ready to assist you on +91 8882490728

Secure Online Payment

Kamasutrasextoy.in apart from its COD facility allows customers to make payments online through their own debit/credit card. We have professionals who initiate each and every transaction with minute care and confidentiality. All these financial details of customers are kept secure and absolutely anonymous.
Kamasutra Sex Toy also has a Paytm facility that allows customers to make electronic payments. One needs to ensure that the relevant app has been installed in his/her smartphone and accordingly, the payment would be initiated.

So, out of these payment methods mentioned above, any one of these can be opted to shop for sex toys in Delhi at Kamasutrasextoy.in.


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about 2 days
Arya S.
I am very happy and benefitted by it
I am a married man and was in search of non-toxic male intimate wash for long. Well, finally I found an intimate wash on this online store which is made up of natural herbs. Moreover, it works much more than my expectation as it not only cleans my penis but also triggers my sexual want. Applying a small amount of it on the tip gives magical effect. The quantity provided is also impressive.
about 21 days
Piyali G.
I am really happy after using it
I have faced a lot of problems with arousal even after marriage. Luckily, I found this pleasure gel at your online store. It solved my difficulties of getting orgasms in no time. A few drops of it created new heights of climax. In fact, I can feel the wild sensations inside my body after taking it and fulfil my naughty desires.
about 29 days
Vinay k.
Super product for making more romantic
There is nothing like BDSM and this sex kit is absolutely worth purchasing. It has everything I wanted. Lucky that I will not have to buy any product separately!! Great to see your guys delivering so quick!!
about 1 month
Kamlesh T.
One of the best product for couple
BDSM lovers are sure to go crazy with this brilliant accessory. I had some great moments with this and she was like, ‘try it once more on me’. Thank you for this! No, it doesn’t hurt your mouth and you will have no problems in taking it. Loved the product and enjoyed shopping here!
about 1 month
Yana C.
Best artificial hymen at a low price
I never imagined such products exist. I wondered how on earth one would not come to know that I have lost my virginity. Finally, the miracle happened and I was saved by a whisker. Thanks to you guys for making it available when I needed it. For beginners, it is quite easy to wear. Take time and wear it. Wear it properly so that it stays tight.
about 1 month
Mr. S.
Amazing herbal product but costly
I am happy to receive this wonderful gift from my partner. The aromatic fragrance is so magical that in just one single spray I start to turn on. Moreover, I also become the center of attraction for all the parties I attend nowadays. I loved the process of delivery as it is discreet and packaging is very good. But one thing that disappointed me is its high price.
about 1 month
Rima B.
Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-Vibrating PPV-001
Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-Vibrating PPV-001
Color PINK Material SILICONE + FIBRE Rechargable No Wireless No No. of Battery Required 3 Size of Battery AA Vibrating...
Product colour is very nice
Women know it well that sex without clitoris stimulation is incomplete. Same experience I had before buying this pussy pump. The unique device perfectly knows to stimulate my genitals and gives orgasmic pleasures to my vagina. Moreover, I will love to mention the process of discreet delivery at my doorstep which helped me to keep it secret. Indeed, I am overwhelmed to use such a wonderful product.
about 2 months
Nilanjana D.
Awesome kit for couple
I and my partner always fantasize to have BDSM. The passion flirting BDSM kit has helped to fulfill our dreams. There are total six items in which blindfold, whip, handcuffs, and mouth ball gag are our favorites. Both of us enjoyed so much after using it. But one thing I don’t like about the product i.e. its color. I was looking for lighter color like pink. Otherwise, the kit is awesome.
about 2 months
Abhishek A.
Marvelous product at reasonable price
I am single and this product has worked like a magic-maker in my life. This inflated love doll looks exactly like a female figure. Touching it gives a real feel of sensation. Inserting my genital inside the doll is easy and pleasure giving. Now, I can get orgasms very easily with my new girl.
about 3 months
Sanchita M.
OMG!! amazing silicone doll at the best price
Ohh my God!! Is she really a doll? I just don’t believe! She looks more of a real girl! This silicone love doll has loads of hotness that makes me perspire like anything while touching her body. For being made of silicone, the entire body is so soft to squeeze. Heartfelt thanks for the discreet delivery and time commitment!
about 3 months
Mrs. S.
Best lubricating gel for female at the minimum price
I was always skeptical about using gels on my skin. But this Beauty Skin Lubricating Gel is so safe and harmless. There are no burning sensations and I can take those thrusts so smoothly. No side effects for me till now. The results will vary I guess from person to person. But it works brilliantly.
about 3 months
Asit K.
Best Stroker for male
Impressed with the design and functionality of this super amazing male stroker! Soft to touch and easy to insert, this can make any man happy during his solo moments. A great investment I must say; thanks guys!
about 3 months
Anjali R.
Luxurious Field Multispeed Vibrator LXV-011
Luxurious Field Multispeed Vibrator LXV-011
Color NEON PINK Total Length 5.3 Insertable Length 3.6 Dia 3 Material CYBERSKIN SILICONE Rechargable No Wireless No...
Amazing product
I just love this model. Actually, I was looking for it since last month; finally, I got this from here. Apart from being stylish, it keeps me on the ride with its multispeed effect. Quite durable and very comfortable to grip and use. I also found it quite easy to clean for being made of premium quality silicone. Great packaging and quicker delivery! Hats off guys!
about 4 months
Karthik S.
Best quality product
Cock rings are super entertaining when it comes with a vibrator. This cock ring vibrator is not just awesome but looks quite unique for the ball banging design. Erection for me was a challenge but this magical device is undoubtedly brilliant.
about 4 months
Shahid k.
Just awesome product for couple
Heaven is the word for this amazing anal product. Anyone who haven’t tried anal sex should invest on it at least once. Believe it or not, your experience will never disappoint you. The quality is good and it goes inside without causing any irritations. Glad that the guys assured a discreet delivery! Well done!!
about 4 months
Sonali R.
Best quality product
I enjoy seeing my girl playing alone with this incredible realistic vibrator. Whenever we do foreplay, she makes sure to keep it beside. It has been designed perfectly to stimulate the female genitals. No doubt, it is a remarkable addition to our collection of vibrating dildos. Thanks that you guys delivered discreetly in a safe package!
about 4 months
Harishita G.
Made me a full on switch
So, I had wanted to buy a pegging kit for a long time. It's what brought me onto this website. I originally bought it for female partners to use on myself, but when it arrived, I just had to try it on to see what it looked (and felt) like. You will feel sexy and powerful wearing it, and inserting the vibrator in the harness pocket is a pleasure unlike any other. I came just while wearing it on my own. The dildos are also perfect, with suction cups for your own personal use. Best purchase I've made and I can't wait to use it on my partners.
about 5 months
Sonam P.
The best
My BF bought this for me and it’s amazing for both anal and used as a normal dildo too! Because it’s ribbed you feel everything and it’s just... If you're thinking about it but not sure, I completely recommend - it’s great. Couple it with other toys or your partner and it’s the best and cheap!
about 5 months
Sweta S.
What can I say, if you're thinking about ordering one, then just do it! You will not be disappointed. The thrill and excitement from it creates the most amazing and intense orgasm that both me and my partner enjoyed very much. He was extremely turned on watching me use it on myself and he loved it even more when we used to together!
about 5 months
Shaymaprasad B.
Great cock ring. My wife loves it. Makes her climax all the time. Feels very comfortable on. Not too tight but has a good grip. Good value for money. Must-have in the sex-toy collection. Great for beginners new to cock rings or even if you owned a few of them.
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